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Phil had spent the whole day decorating his and Dan's house for the Halloween party that they were holding that evening. He's tired and just wants a hug. His eyes light up as he hears a key in the front door so he jumps up from the sofa and heads out into the hallway to great his best friend and boyfriend. "Wow you've done a fantastic job with the decorations Philly" Dan grins, shutting the front door behind him. "Wait until you see the living room babe!" Phil grins, walking over to Dan and wrapping his arms around him. "How was the meeting?" Phil asks as Dan hugs him back.
"It went well but I would have rather been here with you to decorate the house" Dan pouts.
"Aww well we can decorate the house together for Christmas" Phil smiles.
"Good, I'm not letting you do that one alone" Dan laughs before he leans forwards and kisses Phil softly. "Are you going to show me the living room then beautiful?" He asks. Phil nods, stepping back from Dan, taking his hand and then leading him through to the main room. "Fucking hell Phil! It's like Santa's Grotto but for Halloween!" Dan exclaims, looking around and taking everything in.
"I do have something for you to do" Phil says.
"What's that lovely?" Dan asks.
"I've left a pumpkin for you to carve in the kitchen" Phil replies, grinning as he knows how much Dan loves to carve pumpkins. Dan let's go of Phil's hand before he leaves the room and goes into the kitchen. "Come and give me an idea Philly!" He calls out.
"Do a lion for me" Phil pouts as he walks into the kitchen.
"I'll have a go" Dan grins, sitting down at the kitchen table where the pumpkin is. He picks up the marker pen before sketching out his plan on a piece of paper. "Have you got any other ideas for games apart from apple bobbing and eating the doughnut from the string without licking your lips?" Phil asks. "Philadelphia they aren't expecting games, lovely. But they will love those two games as they are classic. We'll just shove some music on and put some drinks out" Dan smiles up at Phil.
"Stop calling me Philadelphia" Phil laughs. "And fine, okay. But I want to tell you my spooky story at some point. I spent all of yesterday thinking of it" Phil grins.
"That's fine you can tell me your spooky story whenever you like. Now leave me to get carving" Dan says. "Fine" Phil laughs, turning and leaving the room, heading up the stairs and into his and Dan's room where he then went onto his laptop and onto the internet. Like usual.

"I've finished Philly!" Dan calls out as he starts cleaning up the mess he had made. He heard footsteps upstairs before hearing Phil running down the stairs. He ran into the kitchen and grinned. "That's brilliant Dan!" He grins.
"I'm glad you like it babe" Dan smiles.
"What time is everyone coming round?" Phil asks, walking up behind Dan and wrapping his arms around his waist. "Mmm in around an hour" Dan replies, leaning back against Phil.
"Hmm now what to do for an hour" Phil smirks, letting his hands run south.
"Noo" Dan mumbles, moving away from Phil.
"Ohh" Phil pouts as Dan turns to him.
"Otherwise I will be looking at you strangely all night. I'm sorry beautiful" Dan smiles.
"That's fine. But let's go upstairs and change into our costumes" Phil grins, holding his hand out for Dan. "Fine" Dan laughs, taking his boyfriends hand and allowing him to lead him upstairs to their room.

"Do you like my costume?" Dan asks, walking out of their ensuite bathroom and grinning over at Phil. Phil looked up from his laptop and his mouth dropped open. "I thought you were dressing up as a vampire" Phil mutters
"I was going to but isn't this better?" Dan asks, doing a 360 degree turn.
"Well yes, but how am I meant to keep my hands off of you?" Phil asks, biting down on his lip a bit too hard and drawing blood. "Ahh shit!" He exclaims.
"What did you do now Philly?" Dan laughs, walking over and sitting down on the bed next to Phil.
"I bit my lip and it's bleeding" Phil pouts at Dan.
"Want me to kiss it better?" Dan asks.
"But you're not a vampire, you don't want to suck my blood" Phil chuckles.
"No but I am your boyfriend" Dan laughs before he leans over and kisses Phil.

"You make one sexy lion Philadelphia" Dan says as he applies a layer of eyeliner under his eyes.
"Why thank you" Phil grins. "Oh Daaaan!" He then moans, noticing what Dan was doing.
"What now?" Dan laughs.
"You are honestly trying to torture me aren't you? For a start you are one of those male waiters that only wear a pair of black boxers and a bowtie and now you are putting eyeliner on and you know how I feel about that" Phil mumbles.
"Come here, I'll put some on you" Dan says.
"No no no" Phil says, shaking his head. Dan turns around and narrows his eyes at Phil.
"I also think you should take your shirt off and change into a pair of shorts" Dan says.
"Dan" Phil exclaims, giggling.
"Please baby? For me? Attach your tail to a pair of shorts and then put the bowtie on...wait, why are you wearing a bowtie?" Dan laughs.
"It came in the kit" Phil shrugs.
"Weird. Anyway, please! You'll still have the ears and muzzle. You'll just be a slutty lion" Dan grins.
"For you?" Phil mutters.
"For me" Dan grins.
"Fine but no eyeliner" Phil says, grabbing a pair of shorts from a drawer before he heads into the bathroom.

Half an hour later and there was a ring on the doorbell. "Danny bear can you please get that?" Phil yells down the stairs to Dan. "Of course. Are you coming down?" Dan calls as he walks out into the hallway. "I'll be down in a minute" Phil replies. Dan laughs as he goes and opens the door.
"Ooo great costumes" He grins, allowing Chris and PJ into the house.
"I can't really say the same; you are wearing a pair of boxers and a bowtie..." PJ laughs as Dan shuts the front door. "I'm a male waiter" Dan smirks.
"Ooo get us a drink then" Chris says.
"I'm afraid I am only a waiter for my boyfriend tonight" Dan laughs and he looks up the stairs to find Phil wondering down. "Hey cute stuff" He says, holding his hand out for Phil. Phil laughs and as soon as he reaches the bottom of the stairs, he takes hold of Dan's hand. "Okay it was a good idea you weren't a vampire Dan. PJ makes a good vampire anyway" Phil says.
"Why aren't you wearing much either? Is this like Mean Girls and PJ and I didn't get the memo about slutty outfits?" Chris laughs.
"Dan made me do this" Phil says.
"Don't pretend you don't like it" Dan smirks at Phil. "Anyway, go through to the living room and help yourself to drinks" He adds. PJ and Chris head through to the living room, shaking their heads and laughing at their friends. Dan turns to Phil and places his arms around his neck. "You look fabulous" He smirks. "Well of course you think so. Get me a drink then waiter" Phil grins.
"Yes sir" Dan laughs, taking his arms away and heading into the living room. Phil follows and sits down on the edge of the sofa. "What would you like Philip?" Dan asks.
"Anything babe, surprise me" Phil replies.
"Don't keep telling him that Phil, you'll be hammered within a couple hours otherwise" PJ laughs.
"True point there" Phil laughs as Dan walks over with a drink.
"I hope you like it" Dan smiles.
"I'm sure I will" Phil smiles, taking the glass from Dan before taking a sip, letting the warm alcohol to run down his throat. "Oh that's good" He sighs.
"Hmm you haven't actually had a drink in ages, it'll do you good" Dan smiles, leaning against the dining table at the side of the room.

An hour and the house is filled with Dan and Phil's friends. Dan has been delivering drinks to Phil every 10 or so minutes and Phil is feeling it. His head is pounding and he is boiling. "Thank you for telling me to wear less Daniel" Phil mumbles as Dan walks past him. Dan stops and turns to Phil, snaking his arm around his neck. "Why is that baby?" Dan asks.
"Because I am fucking boiling. But please, no more drinks. My head is already hurting" Phil replies.
"Let's go get you some water then Philadelphia" Dan says, taking Phil's hand and leading him through to the kitchen. "I do like how everyone is wearing a proper Halloween costume but us" Phil giggles as Dan tells him to sit down on the chair. Phil sits down and watches as Dan grabs mug and fills it with water. "All the glasses are in the other room so you'll have to live with this beautiful" Dan says, handing Phil the mug of water. "Thank you" Phil smiles before he starts taking small sips from the mug. "I regret only wearing this and making you wear that though" Dan says as he jumps up to sit on the work surface opposite Phil. "How come?" Phil asks.
"Because I am turned on by you, can't you tell?" Dan laughs. Phil's eyes travel from Dan's face to his crotch and he smirks. "Oh dear" Phil giggles, his eyes going straight back up to Dan's.
"Oh dear exactly" Dan laughs. Phil downs the last of the water before he stands up and walks over to Dan. He leans up and kisses him softly before he turns and leaves the room, leaving Dan still sat on the work surface, confused. "Hey Dan, there you are, I was looking for you!" Alex says as he walks into the room. "Hey Alex" Dan smiles.
"How you doing mate?" Alex asks, sitting down where Phil had been sat.
"Alright I suppose, how about you?" Dan asks.
"I'm doing grand, thanks. We need to talk about the videos sometime soon" Alex says.
"Yes we do" Dan nods

Dan and Alex spent the next 5 minutes chatting about their collab video ideas. "So for mine we are-" Alex says but is interrupted by Phil screaming from in the living room. Dan jumps off of the work surface and runs straight through to the other room where he finds Phil rolling around on the floor, his leg held up against his chest. "Phil what's wrong?" Dan yells, standing above him.
"I burnt my leg!" Phil cries in pain.
"How the fuck did you manage that you numpty?" Dan laughs.
"My tail is on fire" Phil cries. Dan's eyes travel down to Phil's lion tail which was, like Phil had said, on fire. "Fuck!" Dan screams, turning and grabbing the bucket full of water and apples from the table behind him. He turns back and chucks it all over Phil, apples hitting him and the water putting out the fire. "Ouch, you didn't have to lob apples at me" Phil mumbles.
"Did you want the fire to spread up the tail and catch your shorts alight? How the FUCK did you manage that?" Dan screams. Everyone else had gathered around you and Phil, wondering what all the commotion was about. "Pumpkin" Phil mumbles and Dan looks up to notice a pumpkin behind Phil around knee height, the same height that his lion tail ended. "Jesus Phil you are a right plonker at times. Are you alright baby?" Dan says, sitting down on the floor next to Phil and stroking his hair away from his face. "No. My leg kills" Phil cries.
"You need to run it under cold water" Someone says.
"How is he meant to do that?" Dan looks over his shoulder and asks.
"I'll help you get him up to the bathroom, shove his leg in the shower" PJ says, stepping forward.
"Philly baby, we're going to take you upstairs, okay?" Dan smiles softly as he gets to his feet.
"I can't move" Phil cries.
"Phil stop being a wuss" Dan says.
"Can you sit up Phil?" PJ leans down and asks. Phil manages to sit up and then Dan and PJ hook their arms around him and get him to his feet, helping Phil hop out of the room and up the stairs. They get him into the bathroom and sit him down on the side of the bath, his legs in the tub. "PJ, can you go and send everyone home? I want to look after Phil" Dan says.
"Yeah sure, they'll understand Dan. Do you want Chris and I to go too?" PJ asks.
"Nah you two can stay, I might need help getting him out of the bathroom later" Dan says.
"Alright" PJ nods before leaving the room. Dan turns back to Phil who is still sat on the edge of the bath, tears rolling down his cheeks. "Oh Philly, don't cry" Dan whispers, leaning over and wiping his tears away. "But it huuurts so badly!" Phil moans.
"Alright we'll get some water on it which could be hard seeing as you can't stand and you burned the back of your leg..." Dan laughs, climbing into the bath and grabbing the shower head down, turning the cold tap on and letting it run for a bit. "This is all my fault" Dan sighs, looking up into Phil's crystal blue eyes as they glistened with tears. "I'm the one who dressed up as a stupid freaking lion and got my tail caught on fire" Phil mumbles.
"True but I kept giving you drinks which probably didn't help the fact that you were stood so close to the pumpkin" Dan says before he places the shower head behind Phil's leg and allows it to run down the back of his leg, soothing the burn. "Is that alright?" Dan asks. Phil nods, reaching up and wiping his tears away. "What are we going to do with you Phil, eh?" Dan chuckles.
"Not listen to Daniel Howell when he suggests wearing less clothes" Phil giggles.
"But then you wouldn't have realised your tail was actually on fire so quickly" Dan smirks.
"Hmm true" Phil yawns.
"Are you tired?" Dan asks. Phil nods. "God you haven't really drunk that much but you are pretty hammered" Dan muttered, reaching up and stroking Phil's cheek.
"Rawr" Phil giggled.
"I love you Philip Lester you silly boy" Dan chuckles.
"I love you Daniel Howell you caring creature" Phil smiles.
I didn't really know what to categorize this as. It's not romance, it's fluff really, but it's weird and I know that. I was writing a 'halloween' Phanfiction for danandphil_imagines on IG and this ended up being what I had written. It's weird and I find it hilarious because it's so darn weird and random and yeah, shh Laura!
Lolopuppy Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I loovvee it ^_^
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OMG! This is absolutely adorable!
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Thank you, I still think it's strange :P <3
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