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Dan tiptoed back into his bedroom, the tray full of all things lovely in his hands. It was Phil’s birthday and Dan had woken up early to make him breakfast in bed. He placed the tray down on the floor before slipping back under the covers, placing his arm loosely over his boyfriend’s chest. “Baby” He whispered, lightly kissing Phil’s nose. “It’s time to wake up” He giggled, running a hand down Phil’s stomach, edging closer to the waistband of his boxers. “Is this my present?” Phil murmured, a grin spreading across his face. Dan laughed, kissing Phil’s lips softly. “Not yet, breakfast will get cold” He grinned against Phil’s lips. Phil opened his eyes slowly and grinned back, winding his arms around Dan’s neck. “Happy birthday, my angel” Dan purred, resulting in an eye roll from Phil.
“Angel? Really?” He chuckled. Dan nodded, sitting up and running his fingers through Phil’s bed hair. “Hungry?” He asked, tilting his head. Phil nodded, pushing himself up into a sitting position before fumbling on the bedside cabinet for his glasses. Dan jumped off of the bed, picking up the tray from the floor before sitting back down on his side of the bed. He placed the tray on Phil’s lap, leaning over and kissing his cheek. “Pancakes and waffles!” Phil beamed, eyes scanning over the tray.
“And orange juice!” Dan giggled.
“And orange juice, yes. And a present. When can I open it?” Phil asked, turning his gaze to Dan.
“After your food” Dan chuckled, reaching over and breaking of a bit of waffle, placing it in his mouth. “Oi! Don’t eat my birthday breakfast” Phil giggled. Dan grinned, resting his head on Phil’s shoulder. “Hurry up and eat it yourself then sweetheart” Dan smiled, closing his eyes and just enjoying Phil’s company. Phil picked up the knife and fork, starting to slowly work his way through a pancake. “Ooo this is good” He mumbled, mouth full.
“Good” Dan laughed, opening his eyes and leaning up to kiss Phil’s cheek.
“Stop being so soppy” Phil laughed.
“I’m just being a loving boyfriend on your birthday” Dan laughed, kissing Phil’s cheek again before he clambered out from under the covers, getting off of the bed. “Where are you going?” Phil pouted, watching Dan as he moved across the room. “I’m going to go and have a shower and leave you in peace to eat your breakfast” Dan replied, stopping and turning to Phil. Phil shook his head, picking up some pancake on his fork and holding it in Dan’s direction. “Shower after. I don’t want to be left alone on my birthday” He whispered, chewing on the inside of his cheek. Dan laughed.
“Now who is being the soppy one?” Dan asked, dropping the clothes he had picked up onto the floor before he walked over to the bed, sitting down beside Phil and leaning against him. “I’m not soppy. I’m manly!” Phil announced, resulting in a loud laugh from the younger male.
“You keep telling yourself that, sweetie” Dan chuckled. Phil furrowed his brow, holding the pancake laden fork to Dan’s mouth. Dan grinned, opening his mouth wide and accepting the food. Phil watched Dan, placing the fork down and waiting for him to finish eating. Dan grinned, opening his mouth again to show it was empty. “Yuck” Phil laughed, hitting Dan playfully. “Feed me!” He then grinned widely. Dan rolled his eyes but picked up the fork, starting to feed Phil. “It’s my birthday” Phil giggled at Dan’s attitude. “You should do everything for me!”
“I will do whatever you want me to do, cupcake” Dan laughed, feeding Phil some waffle. Phil placed his hand over his mouth, finishing off the food before taking his hand away and speaking. “You can start by stopping calling me those silly names” Phil laughed.
“But you know I call you everything and anything. It’s hard not too, you’re just too adorable” Dan grinned, bringing his right hand up to poke Phil’s cheek. “So cute!” He cooed, giggling. Phil raised his eyebrows. “ALL MAN!” He laughed.

5 minutes later and Phil held his hands up. “No more, honey” He laughed. Dan nodded, putting the fork down before grabbing the last of the waffle, eating it himself. Phil laughed, leaning over and kissing Dan’s cheek. “Thank you for a lovely breakfast, Dan” He smiled, resting his head on Dan’s shoulder and sighing contently. “It’s alright, Phil. Present time!” Dan beamed. Phil giggled, moving the tray to the bottom of the bed before he wrapped his arms around Dan. “I want a cuddle first with my perfect boyfriend”
“All man my arse” Dan laughed, wrapping his arms around Phil and pulling him onto his lap. Phil grinned, leaning against Dan, kissing along his jaw. “Shush”
“But I want you to open your present” Dan mumbled, running his fingers softly over Phil’s bare hip, smiling happily. “I’ll open it in a while. Shush” Phil giggled, planting a chaste kiss to Dan’s bare chest before he closed his eyes.

“Phil, are you asleep?” Dan asked around 10 minutes later.
“No” Phil mumbled, fluttering his eyes open and glancing up at Dan, smiling softly.
“Come on. We have all day to cuddle. Present and then shower” Dan said sternly. Phil sighed, nodding. He leant up and kissed Dan softly before shuffling over to the tray, grabbing the neatly wrapped gift before he crawled back onto Dan’s lap. Dan wrapped his arms back around Phil’s waist, kissing the top of his head. “I hope you like” He murmured, his lips lingering.
“I will do baby” Phil smiled, fingers already dancing across the blue paper, opening the gift carefully like always, not wanting to rip the paper. Dan giggled, resting his head against Phil’s as he watched the raven haired boy open the present slowly. “You’ll be 27 by the time you open it” He giggled.
“You know I don’t like to rip the paper...” Phil muttered, finally getting the paper off with only a couple tears. He chucked it towards the end of the bed, a couple of individually wrapped gifts and an envelope now on his lap. “Envelope last” Dan said. Phil nodded ever so slightly, picking up the smaller wrapped parcel and undoing it slowly, revealing a small lion keychain. He giggled, holding it up into the air. “It’s nothing much, but I had to buy it for you when I saw it” Dan smiled, squeezing Phil slightly. “He’s cute! Thank you, Dan” Phil smiled, placing him onto his lap before picking up the other wrapped gift. He opened it just as slowly as the last and grinned widely when he got inside. “Dan! It’s wonderful!” He grinned.
“Baby it’s only a photo of us” Dan chuckled.
“I know, but the frame is sweet. You’re sweet. I love you” Phil giggled. Dan laughed, kissing Phil’s cheek. “It’s okay. Envelope time” He whispered. Phil nodded again, picking up the envelope and running the paper between his fingers, trying to think of what it could be. Dan laughed. “Just open the damn thing”
“Fine, fine, okay!” Phil laughed, turning the envelope over and opening it warily, nervous about what was inside. “It’s not full of glitter, don’t worry” Dan giggled. Phil laughed, reaching his hand into the envelope and pulling out the contents. What looked like some sort of ticket was now in his hand and he scanned his eyes over it, tears welling up as he read the words, the destination to the holiday that Dan was giving him. He raised his hand to his mouth, turning to Dan who was grinning widely, watching Phil. Phil couldn’t speak, tears slowly rolling down his cheeks. “Oh honey!” Dan giggled, pulling Phil close and kissing his forehead. “W-why?” Phil whispered, eyes glued to Dan’s.
“You’ve always wanted to go and it will be fun. You deserve a break and I love you” Dan smiled, gulping back his own tears. Phil giggled, dropping the ticket to Japan beside him and wrapping his arms tightly around Dan’s neck, peppering kisses all over his face. “Thank you thank you thank you!” He giggled. Dan laughed, his hands on the small of Phil’s back. “It’s okay, Phil. Happy birthday, my love” He smiled. Phil bit his lip, staring straight into Dan’s eyes before he leant in, pressing his lips lightly against Dan’s, moving his hands to cup the younger boys cheeks. “I love you” He murmured. “So so much”
Fluffeh thing I wrote for Phil's birthday tomorrow <3 <3
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Ooooooooooooh the fluff ;o;
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aww oh my gosh, all the adorables! i love it :D <3
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Ahehe thank you lovely! <3
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