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"Dan! Masterchef is about to start!" I yelled through the flat to Dan before I made myself comfy on the sofa, stretching out and taking up most of the space, leaving a spot at the end for Dan to sit. "Thanks Pumpkin" Dan winked as he walked into the room.
"You're weird Dan" I laughed.
"But you're the one going out with weird me" Dan grinned, leaning down and kissing the top of my head. "Get to your end of the sofa and don't distract me, I want to watch this" I said, pointing down to where I meant. "Fine, I know. I want to watch it too" Dan smiled before he sat down on the sofa by my feet. I stretched them over his lap and he smiled, placing his arms over my ankles. "Love you" I pouted. "I love you too" Dan smiled, running one of his hands under the bottom of my jeans, stroking at my ankle. "Puuurrr" I giggled.
"Shh Kitty, it's about to start" Dan laughed, just as the intro started. I turned to the telly and grinned. Just as Dan started tapping away at my legs, tapping in time to the music. "Daaan" I moaned. He ignored me, continuing to tap so I nudged him lightly in the stomach with the heel of my foot. "Oh. Sorry" He mumbled, stopping his hand movements.
"Thank you" I smiled down at him before turning back to the telly.

15 minutes later, just at a really intense part of the show, Dan started tapping away at the arm of the sofa. I sat up, pulling my legs underneath me. "Did I do something?" Dan pouted.
"Yes, you started tapping again" I mumbled.
"I'm sorry, I didn't realise" Dan sighed, tucking his hands under his armpits and folding his arms across his chest, making him look like a total douche. But at least he wasn't tapping. I turned back to the telly and grinned. "That looks so good" I said.
"Mmhmm" Dan mumbled. I stretched out again, lying my feet on his legs again in a more comfortable position. Damn being tall.

The programme finished and I rolled onto my back, propping myself up with my elbows. "You can unhook your arms, you look like a tool" I chuckled. Dan giggled, taking his arms away and placing them back over my legs, pulling them close against him. "Well that wasn't what I thought would happen" I said.
"Who left?" Dan asked and I giggled.
"How can you not remember? It finished like a minute ago" I replied.
"Because I was focusing on not tapping" Dan shrugged.
"You don't usually tap that much, why the sudden need?" I asked.
"I suppose the video has made me more aware of it and made me want to do it more" Dan shrugged. I sat up again and crawled over to him, leaning over and licking his cheek. /"Phiiiil"/ Dan chuckled, hitting my arm playfully. "Meow" I giggled.
"Phil you are so weird sometimes" Dan said, running his hand through my hair, ruffling it up. I nudged against his hand, purring. "Are you a cat now?" Dan asked, turning round so he was slouched  against the arm of the sofa. I purred loudly, leaning down and nudging my head into the crook of his arm. "Go to sleep Kitty" Dan chuckled, patting his lap. I giggled, moving so I was half lying on his lap, my head resting against his chest, taking some of the material from his tshirt in my mouth and chewing. Dan placed his arms around me, one going up my shirt as he softly ran his hand up and down my back. After a few minutes silence, he started tapping his fingers again, tapping them against my spine and against my leg. "Dan" I mumbled, letting the material I has been chewing on leave my mouth. "Tie my hands together, bite my fingers off, just do something to stop myself doing this Phil" Dan moaned, taking his hands away from me and holding them up in the air. I giggled, getting an idea. "I won't be long" I said, leaning up and kissing Dan softly before I jumped up off of him and the sofa, leaving the room and heading down to my room. I pulled open a draw, rummaging around for what I needed and finding them hidden at the bottom. I shut the door before carrying the items back to the living room. "Put these on" I said, chucking the gloves at Dan. He burst out laughing but did as I had said. "Tap your fingers" I said, biting my lip and hoping that the noise would be reduced dramatically. Dan tapped his fingers against the back of the sofa and grinned as hardly any noise was emitted. I sat back down on his lap, leaning up and kissing him again. "Now can Kitty fall asleep on you?" I asked.
"Go ahead Kitty" Dan replied. I moved into my previous position and bit at Dan's shirt, chewing at the material again. "That's a bad habit we need to stop you from doing" Dan chuckled, reaching down and running his glove covered fingers through my hair. "No, it's comforting" I mumbled, closing my eyes. "Whatever you say Phil" Dan laughed.
"I love you" I giggled, wrapping my arm around his waist.
"I love you too" Dan said, his arms going around me and pulling me closer against him.
Fluffy fluff fluff oh I don't know
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Emosoftwere Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
lol so you watched the new video
elottie0308 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
Yeah :P For the past 3 weeks now I've ended up writing Phan after Dan's new video :/
Emosoftwere Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
lol may I read more?
elottie0308 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
I haven't any more of this, but all my others I've posted on here :) x
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